Hacking MySpace Accounts

This is a special tutorial that I wrote for those of you out there looking to hack into someone's MySpace account and ruin their e-life.


It would be impossible to tell you how many times I have had visitors e-mail me asking how to hack into someone else’s MySpace account. For a hacker who is just beginning, this could be a daunting task. Along with that, there’s always the possibility of getting caught and serving time. Unless you really know what you’re doing, targeting something as big as MySpace is suicide. I’ve hacked many MySpace accounts using various methods, one of which I will cover in this tutorial.

Before reading any further, you should have mastered the techniques that I covered in the Getting Started section. Along with that, you should have a clear understanding of all of the Advanced Hacking Methods. Without the basics, this tutorial is useless, and you will also run a higher risk of being caught.

After you have read and completely understand those two sections, let’s go ahead and do some homework. The next section covers some basic information about MySpace itself.


This site will hold no responsibility for your actions. It serves as a source of information only. What you decide to do with this information is your own decision, and the maker(s) of this site will hold no responsibility for your actions, and do not encourage to use this information to hack computers and other websites.

About MySpace

If you haven’t ever had a MySpace account, you probably don’t know what it is. MySpace is a social networking site where gay emo singles meet online. Along with e-mailing and communicating with each other, MySpace offers people a wide variety of services.


In August of 2003, a group of employees from eUniverse had Friendster accounts. They decided that they would steal the best ideas from Friendster, and open up another social networking site. They decided to call it MySpace. They eventually got a lot of people to join, and in July of 2005, the company was bought out by Fox Broadcasting. MySpace now has over 108 million users. That is, until YOU get a hold of some accounts.

Features and services:

  • Upload photos and comment on other people’s gothic photos
  • Post bulletins
  • Update your current mood and status (so everyone knows how you are currently feeling).
  • Write blogs about your daily life, boyfriend break-ups, loneliness, and your opinions that should matter.
  • Join different groups who share the same interests as you, since you can’t go out and make friends in the real world who share similar interests.
  • 100% customizable profiles that reflect your unique personality and who you really are.
  • Polls that let you vote and express your opinions, because your opinions matter.
  • MySpace videos that let you watch videos online. MySpace is really innovative in creating things that no one has ever thought of before.
  • MySpace Music, a sublet that allows allows all of us to keep up with the music scene. This is how I found out about the new Linkin Park album that’s coming out!!
  • MySpace IM, an instant messaging program that allows you to chat online, another expample of how MySpace goes beyond innovation.

It’s easy to see why most people have a MySpace account. MySpace allows people to live an online life, most of which is better than real life. No one can argue the simple fact that MySpace is cool, because everyone has one! What does this have to do with anything? Your enemies have MySpace accounts.

Ways to tamper with people’s accounts

Now, seeing that the majority of people rely on MySpace for virtually everything, having control of that is what a real hacker is all about. Once you access someone’s MySpace account, you have their whole life at your fingertips. Where you go from there is up to you, but here are a few ideas assuming you gain access:

  • Change the songs on their playlist.
  • Change their sexual orientation to ‘gay.’ Make sure you change them to single.
  • Delete their pictures.
  • Delete some/all of their friends.
  • Join them into a stupid group, like a lame Metallica fan club or something.
  • Change their top 8 (they will hate this because people will e-mail them and say “why am i not in ur top 8?”). lol.
  • Post a bulletin saying that they like to fuck goats.
  • Read/delete/reply to their e-mail. Be real creative when doing so. If they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure you have a lot of e-mails coming from other guys/girls.
  • Cancel their account (this is a good one)

Now you can see the potential in having control of their account: you can ruin their life. I’ve seen it happen. If you want to go above and beyond, you could even change their password and blackmail them. Now that you know some of the possibilities of having access to someone’s account, let’s move on to hacking into MySpace accounts.

Hacking into a MySpace account

This tutorial is a little more difficult than anything else I have on this site. So before you continue, make sure you’ve read the Getting Started section and the Advanced Hacking Methods section.

I will start you off with what you’re going to need.

What you will need to hack a MySpace account:

  • Your own MySpace account
  • A victim with a MySpace account
  • The victim’s friend ID
  • The 754-bit encrypted MyToken string
  • The MySpace password cracking tool that I wrote

Creating your MySpace account

The first thing to do is create your own MySpace account. You can do so at www.myspace.com.

If you already have a MySpace account, DO NOT USE IT. You must create a fake one so you will not be traced.

Make sure that when you create an account, you give them a fake e-mail address as well.

Finding the victim’s friend ID and MyToken string

These are the only two things you are going to need for the password cracking tool. Luckily for you, the friend ID and MyToken string are easy to find. Once you log into your new MySpace account, search for the person whose MySpace account you want to hack into. Once you find them, go to their profile. What you need is going to be in the URL. To make it easy for you, I’ve taken a screenshot that shows you what you should be looking for:

A MySpace profile that is about to be hacked

If you didn’t notice, on the top right section of that screenshot, I highlighted both the friend ID and the 754-bit encrypted MyToken string. You should see this in the URL of every MySpace profile you want to hack.

The MySpace Password Cracking Tool

Now that you have the friend ID and the 754-bit encrypted MyToken string, it’s time to put them to good use! This tool that I wrote will go ahead and take the two numbers you have, and using complicated mathematical algorithms, it will crack the MyToken string, and compute it with the friend ID and generate the victim’s password!

This site will hold no responsibility for your actions. It serves as a source of information only. What you decide to do with this information is your own decision, and the maker(s) of this site will hold no responsibility for your actions, and do not encourage to use this information to hack computers and other websites.


The MySpace password cracking tool is currently not available

MySpace upgraded all of their UNIX servers to Microsoft .NET so it's a lot more secure and the password cracking tool no longer works. Once I crack the new algorithm, I'll fix the tool and post it here.