Getting Started

This tutorial will cover the basics of becoming a full-fledged hacker. This section is divided up into sub-sections which cover different topics. New hackers should read this first.

Welcome to my “getting started” section. This page will cover the basics of becoming a full-fledged hacker. This section is divided up into sub-sections which cover different topics. If you already feel that you are comfortable, feel free to skip to the next section. There is no need to learn something more than once.

Learning to be mature

As I’ve said many times before, this site is the real deal if one wants to become a skilled hacker. As you might have noticed, this site doesn’t have any immature references or misuse of grammer, no l337 5p35k is used here.

“Why” you might ask? Because we’re not 12 anymore. The requirements for getting the most out of this site will take at least the maturity level of an open-minded 15 year old. We’re not here to fool around with something as trivial as “leet speak.” I already know that I am elite, why waste my time to prove it to a bunch of newbies?

True hackers are well reserved, and they don’t give off any more information about themselves than they have to. You learn more when you talk less, thus giving you time to listen more. People look up to others who appear to be cool and collected, and that’s what being a mature hacker is all about.

However, there is time where leet speak can be appropiate. Keep reading below on how to choose the appropriate hacker handle.

Choosing the right Handle/Alias

If you haven’t come up with a clever handle or “alias” to call yourself, this is something that you must read. A handle will help conceal your true identity (a hacker’s top priority), which could come in handy if the feds happen to be tracking you down. Trust me, it’s a lot harder to find someone by the name of dividesbyzer0 than it is “Jim Erickson.” There is much more to choosing a nickname than which meets the average human mind. The following steps will help you create your true hacker identity.

Don’t bother with the obvious

In order to come up with a name, you’re going to have to be original. Going by the name that someone else has created is totally non-elite. Consider the list of handles below to be off limits, and use these as a guide of what not to call yourself:

  • squagle
  • m4g3
  • Neo
  • N30
  • dividesbyzer0
  • d1vid35byz3r0
  • schiz0phrenic
  • schiz0id
  • schiz0richard
  • c4n7g37141d
  • 1337m4n
  • The Mentor
  • 31447 h4x0r
  • The Mentor
  • t3h h4ck3r
  • h4x0r_666

It is obvious that these names are pretty elite, and even more obvious that someone has already occupied them. This has made creativity a real pain, but by knowing this guide, you’ll be on your way to your own elite and unique alias in no time.

Define how you percieve yourself

This is a pretty easy rule to follow. A handle will help those identify how you want to be percieved. For example, if you want to come across to people that you can accomplish the impossible, dividesbyzer0 is an exceptional name to go by since the division of zero is impossible. Don’t call yourself that though, I know dividesbyzer0, and if he catches you forging his name, he will hack you in like…5 seconds.

Another good example of this is someone who likes to think they’re cool by considering themselves to be mentally disfunctional. There is nothing wrong with this, and a lot of people find it to be cool/interesting. A handle such as schiz0id or schiz0richard can easily achieve this. I think it’s cool that people see me as being a schizophrenic, thus the reason why I am well-known as schiz0id.

As mentioned before, leet speak (or 1337 5p34k for those who can’t read) is encouraged while choosing a handle, just be sure to make it friendly. A general rule of thumb is to limit yourself to one number to three letters. People need to not know who you are, but they must be able to identify you. Once you’ve chosen an appropriate name with a mix of elite characters, it’s time to move onto choosing the right operating system.

Choose the OS (Operating System) that works for you.

If you don’t know already, OS stands for Operating System. The OS is what runs your computer and your hacking tools. Basically, you have a choice between two operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Apple/Mac OS

You’re probably thinking to yourself “That isn’t much of a choice, schiz0id, but how do I know which one is best for me?” Well, the answer lies ahead. While Windows and Mac differ, they each have their own benefits that will help a hacker get the job done right.


Windows was invented by Bill Gates and Microsoft in 1985. People were impressed because it was the first operating system ever, and it was somewhat stable. Windows has become the #1 choice for everybody (including hackers) over the last couple decades. Major benefits of using Microsoft as your hacking station are listed here:

  • The first operating system ever.
  • It is the oldest, and most stable.
  • Most people use it.
  • Provides good user interface.
  • You can download it for free (if you know what you’re doing).

Windows has released several different versions, the most recent being Vista. I prefer Vista myself (because it looks the best), but Windows XP is probably the best choice at this point for its well-known stability and usage. The only downfall to Windows is that it doesn’t look anywhere near as cool as a Macintosh/Apple operating sytem.

Apple/Mac OS

While Macintosh OS isn’t nearly as stable as Windows (I don’t even know what it’s based off, but it isn’t Windows, so it CAN’T be that stable), but it does provide a fair amount of stability along with it’s best feature: eye candy.

As mentioned above, how people percieve you can determine your level, and while you might have elite hacking skills, they’re not nearly as impressive unless you do it in style. This is what makes MacOS the perfect choice for people who don’t have enough skill, and make up for it with a good looking operating system. Both of which are extremely important.

Major pros of Macintosh:

  • The hardware/computer is really sleek looking.
  • Very expensive, you get what you pay for. It’s worth the money to become a truly elite hacker
  • The desktop is laid out really nice.
  • Pretty, interactive menus.
  • No need to download the operating system - it comes with the computer!!1
  • Nice graphical effects.
  • Interactive menus make it easy for hackers to have their tools and programs easily accessible – in style.
  • It just works.

If you can afford it, this is the route to go. Although it doesn’t have the rock solid stability of it’s rival, Windows XP, MacOS makes up for it in many other ways. I’m working a second job at Starbucks to save up for one, myself.

The bottom line here is to choose which OS works best for you. If you have never used MacOS and are comfortable with Windows XP, stick with Microsoft. If you have the extra money and can kick down enough for a nice Macintosh system, I highly encourage it. Doing so will provide you with enough stability, and even moreso a pretty desktop. If you choose MacOS, you can skip the next section. For most of us who are Microsoft XP users, continue reading below on how to learn to make your ordinary XP desktop into a true hacker’s desktop.

Creating a hacker desktop

Now that you have learned to be mature, have established a second identity, and have chosen to use the stability of Windows XP as your hacking OS, it’s time to move on to the next step in becoming one of the elite: customizing your hacker desktop.

First, let’s start with the default Windows XP desktop and list the pros and cons about it:

Default Windows XP desktop


  • Stable
  • Clean
  • Has a start button
  • It just works


  • Kinda newbie looking
  • Too bright
  • No tools!
  • Windows messenger sucks, we need Trillian

This is a great start for right out of the box. But there are still a few things that could use work. A good hacker always takes the time to make his desktop look uber elite. Below are a couple of screenshots of what your desktop should look like.

Pimped out Windows XP desktop


  • Clean
  • Has a start button
  • It just works
  • Nice science-fiction wallpaper
  • Transparent Winamp - very good to have
  • mIRC is installed - it's the best IRC client
  • Spyware tools for protection
  • Has IE (Internet Explorer) for browsing
  • Azerius - BitTorrent client for downloading good programs
  • Has a start button


  • Still needs Trillian
  • No shortcut to notepad. You need notepad for programming.

As you can see, this hacker is well prepared. They have everything but quick access to notepad, and they are lacking a multi-client instant messenging program (Trillian), so they can’t talk to people. Other than that, I’d give this elite desktop a 8/10. It’s a real eye-catching desktop, perfect for any hardcore hacker.

Elite Windows XP desktop


  • Windows Vista!!
  • Looks like a Mac
  • Sleek menus
  • Awesome colors


  • Not in English
  • No Trillian

While the tools aren’t heavily accessible on this user’s desktop, it is by far the best one out of the three. With such a clean interface, any skilled hacker can get the job done right. I bet this person put a lot of money into this system, which will pay off in the long run.

Must-have programs

Having a nice desktop is only one step of the process. The rest is choosing the right programs to get the job done. From Winamp to notepad, below is a complete list of what it takes to hack websites and servers.

  • Notepad - Full featured versatile HTML/text editor.
  • Winamp - The best media player out there.
  • CrystalXP - Windows eye candy, create an authentic hacker desktop.
  • Trillian - The best instant messenger out there. You can log onto TWO OR MORE ACCOUNTS!
  • Windowblinds - More Windows XP eye candy.
  • Objectdock - Eye candy. Pretty fun.
  • Notepad - Just in case you didn’t read above, the best text editor in the world.
  • Telnet - Hacking program for connecting to other computers you want to hack into


Go ahead and mess around with some of those tools and Windows mods. After you have a good looking desktop with the basic necesseties, familiarize yourself with them. Mastering programs like Notepad and Telnet are vital to a hacker’s every day process. After you are comfortable, go ahead and check out some more advanced hacking methods