Hacking Tools

A skilled hacker always keeps a wide variety of tools so he can complete any task. Here you will find all the tools you will need to get the job done.


Unlike most hacking tools, keyloggers are hardware that you buy to get your victim's passwords. With access to the target computer, you can plug this into the port being used by the keyboard and it records whatever your victim types! The best thing about keyloggers is that they are untraceable! Read more about how to use keyloggers here.

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E-Mail Hacking Tool

You can completely own your victim once you have access to their e-mail account. This tool will hack their e-mail account so you can read their e-mail, pretend to be them, and even get access to their password reset e-mails for social media or dating web site accounts.

The e-mail hacking tool is currently being updated. Check back for an updated version.

Facebook Hacking Tool

Facebook has billions of users, and your victim is probably one of them. Use this tool to hack into their Facebook account.

I'm still building the Facebook hacking tool and will release it soon.