Hacking Text Files

Ever since the beginning of hacking in the early 1990's, hackers were writing articles and documenting their findings. Because the internet wasn't invented yet and they didn't have blogs, they would write them using Microsoft Windows Notepad. When I read a hacking text file I find useful, I post it here.
File Description
aolhak.txt How to Hack America on Line by the Hooded Bobs
as400cmd.hac IBM AS/400 Command Summary
as400cmd.txt All IBM AS/400 Commands by The Might
backdoor.txt How to Hold Onto UNIX Root Once You Have It
chaos01.txt The Pyro's Anonymous Chaos Chronicles #1 by Inphiniti and Decibel, 1990
chaos02.txt The Pyro's Anonymous Chaos Chronicles #2 by Inphinity and Decibel, 1990
chaos03.txt The Pyro's Anonymous Chaos Chronicles #3, by Inphiniti and Decibel
database.txt CIRR Database: A tool for Corporate Research
defcon.info DEF CON III Convention Update #1
hackfaq.txt The Hack FAQ By Simple Nomad (January 31, 1999)
hackingtrw.txt Hacking TRW's
hackingtutorial1.txt Basics of Hacking by the Jolly Roger
hackingtutorial2.txt Basics of Hacking part II by the Jolly Roger
hackingvaxunix.txt Hacking VAX's and UNIX
info.txt How to Get Detailed Information on Anybody by DTS
javabugs.txt JavaScript Problems I've Discovered
lastwords.txt Mentor's Last Words
sniffer.txt FAQ: The Sniffer FAQ Version 1.7
wal-mart.txt Hacking the Wal-Mart Armorguard Computer Protection System
xmux.txt The ROT Guide to Gandalf XMUX's by Deicide