Hacking Resources

True hackers are resourceful and use various resources to build their knowledge. I have collected some good hacking resources on this page for you to use. Here you can find a whole dictionary of hacking terms, textfiles, links, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

I constantly get e-mails from people with a ton of good questions. This page contains the questions I get asked the most.

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Hacker's Dictionary

Hacking is a complex subject with lots of terminology, which is why I began maintaining the Hacker's Dictionary. This dictionary is the first place to turn if you come across a hacking-related word you don't understand and want to learn exactly what it means.

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Hacking Links

I keep a tight watch on what is going on in the hacker community, and these links are without a doubt the best resources online. Only the best of the best are linked on my site.

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Hacking Text Files

Ever since the beginning of hacking in the early 1990's, hackers were writing articles and documenting their findings. Because the internet wasn't invented yet and they didn't have blogs, they would write them using Microsoft Windows Notepad. When I read a hacking text file I find useful, I post it here.

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