Frequently Asked Questions

I constantly get e-mails from people with a ton of good questions. This page contains the questions I get asked the most. If you have a question, look here first, because if you e-mail me a question that is already answered here, you will be hacked!

Can you hack into my school and change my grades for me?

No. I had to do it on my own for my failing PE grade, and it was really, really hard. Plus, I don’t want to run the risk of getting caught. Read through my site, and these answers will come to you.

Which programming language would you recommend?

This depends on what you’re trying to do. For writing viruses and whatnot, I prefer to use something advanced like QBasic or Visual Basic. If you’re hacking a website however, learn ASP. Most sites on the internet use that because it is Microsoft, and it is the best. Unfortunately, ASP is a solid and secure platform, so you’ll have to dig into it pretty deep to hack most websites running it.

Where do you live? / What’s your AIM? / Etc…

The feds are always on the prowl for well-known hackers like me. You think I would give that information about myself away like that? If you need to contact me, do it via e-mail here.

What operating system do you recommend?

I myself am using the newest version of Microsoft Windows, which is Vista. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. Vista is relatively new as of now, and you have to know what you’re doing in order to facilitate the power within it. I recommend using Windows XP for the beginners, since it’s more familiar and stable.

What type of computer do you have?

I am currently running an Alienware. They look the coolest. How I paid for it is strictly confidential.

How did you get to be the elite hacker you are today?

Reading. And luckily for you, you have a lot of information right here in front of you that I didn’t. I suggest that if you want to become as good of a hacker as I, that you read through this site.

Can you build a website/hack a website for me?

I really would love to, but I don’t have the time between school and work. I just started my career at EB Games, and that takes up most of my spare time. Being 16 is quite a responsibility. Otherwise, I would.

Why do you like Linkin Park so much?

People who met me online know that I’m a Linkin Park fanatic. While this has nothing to do with hacking, Linkin Park is the only band that I can relate with, and their music is the only thing that can help me cope with my self-angst. Their superior music abilities with their singing and lyrics just make the perfect band for me.

What is this Linux/UNIX thing all about?

There is a reason that I don’t cover Linux or UNIX in my writings. That being because NOBODY USES IT! Linux and Unix came along after Apple, which followed Windows. I have reason to believe that UNIX and Linux stole code from these two great OS’s to produce what they have now – which isn’t much. Most of the time running Linux and UNIX is spent in what they call a shell, like DOS. This makes a hacker’s job extremely boring and difficult. Stick to the original pros, Microsoft and Apple know what they are doing.